Why a AZSavannah Kitten?

AZSavannahs is a small in-home cattery, being one of the very few Savannah cat breeders in Arizona. AZSavannahs is registered with the The International Cat Association (TICA). The International Cat Association is the world's largest genetic cat registry that now has a worldwide presence. The organization is one of the world's largest sanctioning bodies for cat shows. We have Savannah kittens for sale. 

Our Savannah's have spacious indoor kennels including shelves, cat wheels and all the goodies cats love to help promote active, healthy kittens. We also have a 'Super Cat Highway' in our living room that is always entertaining to watch. This custom made 'playground' is one of a kind and our Savannah's love it.

‚ÄčIn addition to our outstanding indoor kennels, we also have a spacious outdoor kennels with all the necessary items as well. They enjoy feeling the wind and smelling what the Arizona desert has to offer from time to time.

Our Arizona Savannah kittens are raised with other animals and family members, including our kids. 

 Please TEXT us at 480-580-5163 for more information!  Thank you!  We have F4s available NOW. 

Savannah breeders in Arizona

One of our Savannah kittens for sale in AZ

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Call us today! Savannah kittens available now! 

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Savannah Kittens For Sale

Last Updated: April 12th 2022

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