We are in the process of redoing all the floors and kennels downstairs and adding three more birthing kennels. Some work is already finished and pictures are above and more will be uploaded when finished. AZSavannahs is proud to have our cats free roaming as much as possible but we do have to keep the studs contained to avoid over-breeding the females. The birthing kennels are perfect for mom and her kittens to get to know each other and for mom to teach good litter box habits. 

AZSavannahs has a F2 female (Celee), F3 female (Luna), F5 female (Xmas), and two studs (Neo and Meiklo); Meiklo is a "snow" Savannah. The "snow" Savannah will not produce "snow" kittens unless the mother carries the "snow" gene which mine do not. I just wanted the snow for me, he is huge and has such an awesome personality and those ice blue eyes! He also has very long legs and 6 inch ears as of last time I checked!!

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