Savannah Cat Breeders

AZSavannahs is located in Maricopa, Arizona. We breed savannah kittens and we have savannah kittens for sale right now!. All of our Savannah kittens are socialized with other cats and children. We have a 3100sq ft house with lots of play areas and a "super cat highway". We have indoor kennels for our kings and three indoor kennels for birthing rooms; all of which have plenty of a space and things to keep them busy. The rooms contain shelves, running wheels, and a "cat highway". We take our cats for walks daily. The savannahs enjoy the outdoor kennels in the morning and like to watch the birds and feel the wind in their face. We will be adding a splash pad for them soon. We are always happy to have people over and show off our Savannahs and our cattery. We are located about 20 miles south of chandler AZ.


I will start pasting the completed forms below. Thank you all for the support!!    :-)

Price Ranges

F3- $3,000-$5,000

F4- $2,200-$3,700

F6- $1,500-$3,000

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